Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Da Top 25 Woizt Rappa Namez

Li’l Wayne, who actually deserves the title “Li’l”
shown here with fellow rap artist “Fifty Cents”
...Wait, wait, wait!!! No sorry! I mean, Fitty Cent,
(whew) Sorry Mr. Cent, no offense. I MEAN, no offent.
(He ain't no two bit rappa... he two, two bits.)

M.C. numbsain:
“Oy oy oy...er, yo yo yo! Dis wuz a tuff cawl ya’ll, cuz has u seen sum o dem rappaz names yo? Dey b whack. Why dey b cawlin dey azz; “Li’l Scrappy?” sound lak he fawl awf a table. Or “Mo Hogany?” Wuzzat beezee hoggin, awl da krack? An’ “Franky Ti” Whud he stick a hot dawg in a cuppa hot watah? “Franky Ti” ah ain’t giv a dayum! An’ Wussup wit “Bun-B,” “Falsalarma” an’ “Young Jeezy,” I meen, wud dey thinkin? Ah givem 2 much kredit, da op’rative werd bein “think!” awl up in dis bee-yotch, We ain’t tryna hear dat mess. So here dey is:”

25. Li’l Choo Choo

24. Pazz Gazz

23. Redikuliz

22. Ralph F

21. Fo Dolliz n’ Fitty-Se’m Cent

20. Tikit Sella

19. Miz Guy Did

18. Now n’ Layta

17. Buttt Plugz ‘n Hominy

16. Li’l Skiddlez

15. Li’l Preemee 2 Young

14. Tone Deaf

13. Jack Russel Terrier P.

12. Stand-Awfish

11. NotoRioty B.A.G.

10. L’il Tamm Ponn

9. Li’l Skwish E

8. Itch Dawg

7. Da Dawgz Who Kried Woof

6. Boyz2Gurlz

5. My Lanta

4. Kibblez n’ Bitch

3. Cherry Bing Bing a.k.a Bing Cherry
Real name; Melvin Bortz, His claim to fame is his appearance on this list.

M.C. numbsain:
He's a punk-azz bee-yotch, ahmo pop a capricorn in hiz azz! He ain’t shizzizzny, ah'll gang bang 'im. You wanna piece o' mah azz, foo? Come an’ git it!

2. Peep Birdie Bird a.k.a. Peep Bird
Real name; Peter Byrd, his claim to fame was his appearance at the top of the bill with Snoop Dogg. It was the bill for a Jumbo Jack he served him in the drive-thru. He wrote his name at the top, but forgot to include his number. If he had, Snoop would have used him as a bumbling fool in a humorous scene in one of his videos.

M.C. numbsain:
He ain't crunk, he ain't cavvy, he ain't dope...(wait, iz dat good)
We ain't roll like dat, he ain't nuttin budda peckerwood!

1. Thirty Eight Double D a.k.a. 38DD a.k.a. Thurdee Ate Dub Oldee
Real name; Doris Dumbrowski, age; thirty eight years old. Breast size; N/A. She is the leader of a Wrap Music Ensemble in Ogden, Utah with one vanity CD release that’s about to go pewter if she can sell 300 more peach cobblers at her roadside stand. She throws the CD in for free with every purchase, but counts it as a CD sale with a free peach cobbler.

M.C. numbsain:
“Da WOIST! Da WOIST! Yeeah, Yeeah, Yeeah, dat shit be awf lak a cawf, dat brain iz sawf. Lemme gedda shout out fuh da Woist rappa name of awl up in dis time! An one mo time fuh awl y’all top twenny fi’ woist rappaz, Yeeah, dey ain’t pimp, dey ain’t phat, dey offend my senzibilitiez! We don’ roll like dat. Dis iz Numbsain yo’! Weez out y’all, Puh-eace!”

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