Friday, June 6, 2008

30 More Worst Dog Names

With the war in the Middle East, global warming, the recession in America and all the other problems of the world, it's easy to understand why first and foremost on everyones mind is bad dog names. We receive thousands of hits a week on our worst dog name lists. So to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest of the worst, here's another list of canine appellations for your perusal:

1. Lowball
2. Sickemore
3. Kfetch
4. Scruda (pooch)
5. Poopalong Assidy
6. Güten Dog
7. Robin Leash
8. B. Wairov
9. Grey Poop-on
10. Fantsy Pants
11. Half-Ghan
12. French Puddle
13. Grrrtrude
14. Snoop-poopy-doop
15. Scoopy-doo
16. Thong-tongue-sniffer
17. Puccinelli
18. Coochie-Pooch
19. Wag-ner
20. Tail-or
21. Lost 'n' Hound
22. Ruff-neck
24. Kibbler Arf
25. Uncat
26. Drool Hairymore
27. Curbier
28. Walky Balboa
29. Bob Barker
30. William Tail

By Numbsain...
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