Saturday, December 29, 2007


Why Optimism Never Works

Kicking Self Help

How to Read

Sarcasm Schmarcasm

Killing your Anger

Finishing what You Sta

Living with Death

Be Old and Wise Right Away

Raising your Self Esteem—For Dummies

Paris on $3,000 a day

Parapalegics Handbook

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Drawing Manual—and people that look like him

Fight Rebellion

Zeroing in on the big picture

The Whole Story—Volume One

Stop Doing Nothing

Safe Risks

Safety in Letters

Never Isn't Here Yet

Bigots Are All Alike

Everything Exists

Trends that Never Change

Knowing You're in Denial

Doubt Your Faith

Telling Secrets

You Can't Be Better

You'll Never Know a Stranger

Your always in front of what's behind you.

It's Not The Past Anymore

Far Away Things Can't Get Any Closer

The Future of History

If You Say Your Lying, You're Not, So You Are

If You Can't Hear Me Don't Answer

The More You Want The Less You Have

You'll Never Know What Killed You

Shakespeare for Americans Series

President Lear
Comedy of Screw-Ups
Rambo and Juliet
A Midsummer Nights Tailgate Party
Mickey Beth
Green Eggs and Hamlet
The Date Rape of Lucy
The Dealer of Vegas
A Shit-Fit About Nothing
Bitchslapping of the Ho
Dick of New York

Special Edition Audio Tape Books

Britney "Shakes" Spear:
5 Shakespeare Classics Read by Britney Spear

William Shakespeare Set to Music:
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