Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Top 25 Worst Pet Bird Names

Extremely rare case of interconjoined species. Clearly neither like it.
better pet supervision could have prevented this tragedy.

We’ve searched the world over to find the silliest, stupidest, most ridiculous ornithoid monikers, avian appelations and titmouse titles. We're just jealous because they can fly and we can't.

25. Flap jack
24. Parroty
23. Koo-Koo Rooster
22. Brock
21. Coop DeBill
20. Mo Zam Beek
19. Nestor
18. Macawesome
17. Cheepskate
16. Fowl Mouth
15. Beek of the Devil
14. Eggbird
13. Cheep Date
12. Peckerwood
11. Birdenand the Fool
10. Claire the Loon
9. Twicker Tweet
8. Swoopy Sails
7. Mack Nuggets
6. Flippin’ (the bird)
5. Chickenshit
4. Hot Wings
3. Eggs Ackley
2. Perch-ass
1. Lark Skywooker

Bird Names That We Were Forbidden to Publish
These were the names that we were told we could not publish due to their similarity to famous people’s names. Apparently this constitutes defamation of character although I don't think the birds mind being associated with these celebrities so why should they? When we assured their agents it was purely coincidental, they responded with a lot of hostility and fowl language. So the following is a complete list of the bird names we were not allowed to include...oops!
39. Carol Dodo
38. Lauren Buck-Buck-Bacall
37. Macaw Lee Caulken
36. Sheryl Crow
35. Bird Reynolds
34. Nickle-less Caged
33. Flap Wilson
32. Robin Whooperwilliams
31. Terri Hatcher
30. Robert Dove-all
29. Piper Lorikeet
28. Feather Lockleer
27. Damn Quail
26. Gregory Pecked

A tender moment
between birds can
often lead to name

Funniest Things Ever Said by Talking Birds—True Stories

Back in the 70’s I knew a fellow who smoked marijuana incessantly. The only reason I knew this was because he owned an African Grey who had frequent coughing fits, though I don’t think the bird had lung disease. He did have a habit of repeating the things he heard most often. His vocal repertoire often included:

“F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-t...(cough, cough, cough)...‘ere.” “Good shit!” “Shut up you stupid bird!”

If you have a funny bird quote please email us. Or simply flip us the bird.

(far right: This horrible child named her bird “Cutie Pie.” Both had to be put to sleep.)

By Numbsain...He is the wind beneath your wings


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