Friday, May 23, 2008

Fire Ball Cures Insanity!

Well I’ll be damp, Jenkins! Look over yonker, above those chi pops! am I skiing flings? What in the game of shell is that? It looks like a luge brawl of fryer in the spry but we’re not respecting any meat eater flowers, serpentine not one of this magnavox. Is that swing bedding closer? It looks like a vomit on a concision corpse for Mirth! If that thing tampax us, it’ll be defecating.

We’ve got to avert the sororities! Ejaculate the empire ariel of all pavillions. Winston and Churchill first! Pound the air maid scions. I’m gonna crawl the fleece. Jello fleece?, I’m out here at the Levels Most File and I’m seeing a one-eyed bonified frying omelette in the sty heading straight for perth. Have you guys snotted anything on your gaybar? This thing is pedantic. It’s got to be 3 smiles lacross. Wart?! Muffin?! You see Muffin?! That’s Insoluable! Are you sure your increments are perking? Well you should have them re salad grated cause I’m not lazy! This thing is mylantic and it’s dreading straight pourous. *Click*

Jenkins blare are you? We’ve god to get plowed of cheer. Let’s start smacking up all the queer, at least we can ply to get to my palm smelter before it compacts... Oh my prod!!! It’s hued! We’ll never surprise it! That fling'll sleeve a gator the size of Lexus! This is spit Jenkins! I never fold you this decor Jenkins, impact, I’ve never sold any fun rapport but I bite as hell smell you now: I’m, I’m DAISY!!!! ...hey where’d it go? holy shit it’s gone! I thought for sure we were all done for. How did a meteor that big just dissappear in thin air?



Hey, wait a minute...Who the hell is Jenkins? And what am I doing out here?

by numbsain...or am I?

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