Sunday, December 23, 2007

When time needs repair, Quadrax is there!

Quadrax has only a few nanoseconds left to go in a critical photon-cell recharge sequence, when he's assigned another maximum priority mission. The dispatch beacon flashes his dock release sensor, instananeously thrusting his transport luge into a hyperslide foldpath. Four picoseconds later, the luge is repositioned 427 light years away in a distant galaxy.
"Travelling, even at thousands of times the speed of light, just takes too damn long."

Instructions simultaneously reach his cognition ports preparing him for the situation just 8 picoseconds before the arrival of the anomaly. It's a temporal splice de-synchronization in the carbotertian sector M386 where the sentient inhabitants are highly dependent on perceptual continuity, especially when it comes to the sequential linearity of their precious time continuum.
"The very structure of their minds would disintegrate without it."

Quadrax must mend the splice almost instantaneously or Dennis Baxter, CEO of Genentech Corporation, Planet Earth 12.23.2007 will step out of his elevator into the rowing deck of a Viking cargo vessel off the coast of Birka, a medieval Swedish village circa 935 A.D.!
"If the shock doesn't kill him, the Vikings will! But not if I can help it."

With three short bursts of modified tri-gamma radiation, he manages to shift the misaligned temporal splice and fall back into the foldpath redocking to his port within picoseconds of losing his entire .3 millisecond recharge sequence. Which would mean every repair he had ever made would have never happened!
"Whew! That was a close one!"

But it was all in a millisecond's work for...

"Keeping the continuum contiguous for ALL corporeal lifeforms!"

Don't blink or you might miss the next exciting episode!

by numbsain