Monday, January 26, 2009

Hilda & Tilda

Hilda: I’m a big fat liar.
Tilda: Why do you lie.
Hilda: I don’t.
Tilda: You just said you were a liar.
Hilda: I lied.
Tilda: So then you admit it.
Hilda: Admit what?
Tilda: That you’re a liar.
Hilda: No I don’t.
Tilda: Then why did you say you do.
Hilda: Do what?
Tilda: Lie.
Hilda: Okay, I’m a liar.
Tilda: There you see, you admitted you're a liar.
Hilda: You told me to lie.
Tilda: When?
Hilda: Five lines back. you said, “Lie.” So I did.
Tilda: What did you lie about?
Hilda: I lied about being a liar.
Tilda: So then you’re not a liar?
Hilda: Yes.
Tilda: Yes what?
Hilda: Yes I’m not a liar, I agreed with you.
Tilda: About what?
Hilda: About me not being a liar.
Tilda: Are you sure?
Hilda: Sure I’m sure.
Tilda: You’re not lying are you?
Hilda: No, I’m not lying.
Tilda: Prove it.
Hilda: I’m a liar.
Tilda: What?
Hilda: You said, “prove it.” So I told the truth.
Tilda: The truth?
Hilda: Yes I did not lie, the truth is that I’m a liar.
Tilda: How does that prove anything.
Hilda: If I was a liar, do you think I would admit it?
Tilda: No.
Hilda: Then I proved that I’m not a liar because I admitted I lied.
Tilda: Oh. Then I guess I can trust you.
Hilda: With what?
Tilda: Well I have to ask you a question and I want an honest answer from someone who doesn’t lie. Since you proved you’re not a liar, I can trust you to tell me the truth.
Hilda: Yup. Go ahead, ask me anything.
Tilda: Does my ass make my ass look fat?
Hilda: A little maybe.
Tilda: Hilda! When somebody asks you a question like that you're not supposed to tell the truth!

By numbsain…The truth will set your can of worms free.

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