Saturday, January 24, 2009


(Tee hee giggle)
Hi there handsome…
My name if Krissy and guess what?
(Tee hee) today's your lucky day!
I'm gonna let you see my boobies! Uh-huh.
You like boobies don't you? (giggle)
I thought so and mine are extra bi-i-i-g and special!
Ahahaha There! How do you like these?
Huh? Pretty nice aren't they? Ah-ah-ah, don't touch!
Hands to yerself mister. You can look all you want but no touchies.
Oo-ooh-ooh Have you ever seen a set of boobies this big before?
Prob'ly not cause mine are the best! So round and firm…
and just look at how they bounce, (tee hee!) Wo-o-OW huh?
Ooh I just love it when guys look at them (tee hee) look, look how my pretty pink nipples got all hard and stick out so much. Oh I'm so embarrassed now everyone knows I'm horny. Oopsies! I guess I am kind of a dirty little whore sometimes.
Oh well I can't help it! (giggle hee hee)
Ooh! I just got an idea! you know what I'm gonna do now?
I just gotta take my pants off too! Ooh yah! (tee hee) here I go-o-oo!
Whoopsy daisy! Ha ha can you see my butt now? Oooh yah I bet you like it huh?
Ooh I like that you like it…Uh oh, now what did I tell you about hands?
That's a no no. But you can feast your eyes on all of me!
W-o-o-ow nice huh? Here, let me spread it for you so you can see E-e-everything!
Gosh I'm such a slut I just cant help myself! Ohh! Peekaboo Ha ha ha hee hee
Did you see what I did? I'm a naughty girl huh? Look I'll even show you my pretty pink shaved vagina! It's so tight and steamy in there!
Gosh I can't believe I'm just standing here totally naked letting you see every inch of me! All naked and jiggly! (Tee hee!)
Ooh look, look at my pussy cat. See how wet I am?
Ooh this feels Go-o-ood, Oh! Oh! faster faster! I'm sorry I can't help it! I…I… I think I'm gonna co…co…(gasp) Come! Oh yes I'm coming, I'm Coming! LOOK AT ME I'M COMING FOR YOU! OH! OH! NNNG! YES! YESSSS! Yeah! Ooh
oops! Look what I did. I gotta go! (Tee hee) bye bye!

Hey Ray who was that girl? Man, she was hot!…but why are you crying Mr. Charles?


Anonymous said...

Are there realy so many people happy with themselves as there is on facebook?
Wendy redredrobbin

Anonymous said...

Thats a wig right?

numbsain said...

No that's my real hair, and face, and tit's. I'ts amazing what they're doing with age, sex, and nationality change operations these days.

of course it is, she tore her hair out in bloody clumps after working with me for five minutes.

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