Thursday, April 3, 2008


Here are some hilarious pranks you can play on other drivers to make your daily commute or a long road trip way fun! Remember: Don’t try these at home, try ‘em on the road!

The Submarine:

You’ll need:
4 large ant farms (empty)

1 nautical periscope

7 tubes silicone caulking compound

Seal the ant farms with silicone caulk and affix them to the insides of the windows of the car so that the edges can’t be seen from the outside. Fill the ant farms about halfway with water (a little blue food dye makes the water look deeper). Next find a relatively unpopulated freeway. Slump low in your seat with only your periscope showing above the windows As you pass other drivers slowly turn your ‘eye’ toward them, then forward again and drive on. If you have a good sound system, a recording of the sonar “pinger” sound finishes off this effect nicely.


The Four-Armed, Horn-Honking, Nose-Picking Motorist:

You’ll need:
1 girlfriend (any close friend or partner of either sex with whom you are intimate will suffice.)

Have your girlfriend lay face down in your lap with her left arm hanging out the window and the right one hidden. Put your right hand on the wheel and hide the left. (Note that this is an excellent opportunity to stroke her hair gently and lightly push her face into your crotch). When you pass another driver, pick your nose with your left hand and have the girl honk the horn with her right hand. The other drivers will think you are a mutant freak with bad manners.


the Beefjacking

You’ll need:
5 medium sized children
8 raw tri-tip steaks

Have one child lean over the drivers seat from the back seat and steer while you slump out of sight continuing to work the pedals. As you pass the other cars, have the steering child scream for help with a horrified look on his face while the others press the pieces of raw beef against the windows in a slow upward motion making them appear to slowly crawl up and engulf the child. folks will think twice about beating their meat after they’ve seen what beef is capable of.


Mr Magoo & Scooby-Do

You’ll need:
1 pair of dark sunglasses

1 blind walking stick (we recommend Sightappers®)

1 seeing eye dog harness

1 well trained dog (or)

1 poorly trained dog (and)
1 tube of cyano-acrylate glue

Drive down the street wearing the dark glasses. hold the walking stick out the window, tapping the street lightly with it as you go along. Have the dog riding shotgun wearing the harness with his paws covering his eyes* as if he were saying: “I ran’t rare to rook!” Who knows, you might get on the local news or Nickelodeon.

* If the dog won’t keep his paws over his eyes, you’ll have to glue them. but be humane about it, and explain to him why this is important.


by numbsain

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