Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog Mailbag: Could a circus clown rob a bank with a handheld rubber horn and a flower that shot water at your face?

Our Dedicated Staff Answers:

We wish that worked. One of us tried it once himself. Walked straight into a bank, fresh from a hard day at the circus... nervously pulled out a rubber horn. His story:

"I was fearin' they may not notice it wasn't a colt 45 so, faster'n you can say fruitcake, I squirt that teller right 'tween the eyes. Then I tells her a joke: "What did one eye say to the other eye, I say, what did one eye say to the other? Answer? Between us, something smells! Ahhh Yuck Yuck Yuck !" Then I toot my horn for good measure. Well, that ole' gal didn't laugh and, next thing ya know, I'm wrestled to the floor by an ole' copper, and thrown into the back of a paddy wagon and hauled off to jail.So warn your clown friend. Tell them not to do it. Tell them, a smile is just a frown turned around on the face of a clown in the slammer. I should know, I'm writin' this from the big house."



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