Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Great "Make me!" - "I don't make trash I burn it" Debate

Transcript from regional finals in the annual "Make-me-I-don't-make-trash-I-burn-it-debate"

Kid #1: Why don't you make me?
Kid #2: I don't make trash, I burn it.
Kid #1: No wonder you’re so black and crispy!
Kid #2: Mine’s paint, yours ain’t!
Kid #1: Shut UP!
Kid #2: I don't shut up, I grow up. And when I look at you, I throw up!
Kid #1: No wonder you stink!
Kid #2: At least I ain’t dumb. You so dumb, you got lost in a grocery store and starved to death!
Kid #1: You so stupid, you sat on a TV and watched a couch!
Kid #2: You so ugly, when you was born, the doctor spanked your momma!
Kid #1: Yo mamma’ so fat she wore a Malcolm X t-shirt and a helicopter landed on her back!
Kid #2: My mamma is yo Mama
Kid #1: But you don't know who your daddy is!
Kid #2: Which is why my doctor recently prescribed Ritalin.
Kid #1: I’m so sorry to hear about that, has it helped?
Kid #2: Yes it has, it has made me realize…that I love you.
Kid #1. I love you, too.
Kid #2. Let’s go to Iceland and raise Emus.
Kid #1. Make me.
~Cheese, Goldmind