Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today's Newsroom

Officers have apprehended a possible suspect in a case where eyewitnesses say there were no reports of any incidents occurring at the scene of the alleged crime. The Department has the area under investigation, though forensics reports show evidence in connection to this case to be inconclusive and unsubstantiated. The suspect is being watched by investigators who are being placed under close surveillance by an intelligence task force. That concludes our top story.

Now back to our studio for the weather.

This week saw record breaking mids with winds gusting up to expected levels in the low pressure areas just off the inland coast. Highs in the upper mids with lows in the upper highs. Barometer should hold steady ranging in the high Sierras. Skies are expected partly mostly through the week with a chance of maybe clearing through Friday. If we're lucky we might see what looks like a possibility throughout the later part of tomorrow.

In Sports today the local favorites played their final game in a series that turned into a cliff hanger but rallied to comeback for a finale in the final moments. Moments that culminated in a long awaited tie breaker after a losing streak that marked their first win of the season. Our correspondent was at the stadium to bring you a live interview with the man who put it all together and here’s that report now: “So coach, what happened?” “Well we came here to do a job and that's what we did. We’re pretty confident whatever the outcome, it’s gonna come down to who does what when the time comes to show who we’re made of. That’s what we intend to do. So we’re just hoping that that’s what it ends up to be: the conclusion of whatever happens here today.”

“Thanks for filling us in on that, now back to you.”

Alright, thanks for that informative inside look. On a humorous note, there was some confusion in a certain area this morning when a group of organizers formed a committee to convene at a designated location to determine the intentions of an organization of committee members who formed a group to organize its members at the location where the committee convenes. Neither committee wanting to disclose their intentions to the other, both decided to reconvene at a later time as of yet undetermined.

Well, that's all the time today we have for tonight but be sure and join us tomorrow for next time when we’ll have that story for you. From everyone here at the team staff, I’m anchormanhost reporting live from our studio saying thanks for watching and have a pleasant all the time, every time. Brought to you by the makers of our sponsor.