Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Camp Lemmedewit!

Mr. Lenny:
Howdy kidamarooskis and welcome to Camp Lemmedewit! The summer camp for kids of all ages! All together! Were gonna have a fun-diddely-umptious time! Little Scout-a-rooneys playing with Big Burly-Brawny Boys and Tiny-Tinker-Toy Girlys hangin’ with Big-Bouncy Teenage Babes!

Now the only things we don’t wanna hear at Camp Lemmedewit are; “I can’t” and “Help I’m getting eaten by a bear!” So don’t say ‘em, and you can Stay-um! These woods around Camp Lemmedewit are real safe so you can play out there as much as you want! We’re gonna have a super-duper-ruper time! Alright-a-roni-o?!

Hey where ya going, Trevor?

I gotta use the little boys room.

Mr. Lenny: Well whyncha take a pee buddy with you? Any of you first graders need to go?

Kevvy: I gotta pee really badly!

Mr. Lenny: Well Kevvy, If ya do it badly, wipe off the seat.

C’mon ya little noodlehead!

Kevvy: Hey are you sure you know where yer goin’

Trevor: The bathrooms here stink! I like to pee on these bushes

Kevvy: Hey Trevor did you hear that noise!

Trevor: Yeah! It sounded like a beaAAAAAAA-ARGGH-H!

Kevvy: (gulp) Oh, mr. bear please don’t eat m--[CHOMP)

[back at camp]

Mr. Lenny: Allright, well are you kids ready for some marshmallow toasting? Julie whyncha go get the ‘shmallows for us! And take Becky and Tina wichya!

Julie: C’mon girls! Let’s go to the canteen! C’mon, just a little farther...

Tina: Uh, J-J-Julie ...LOOKOUT!!!!


Becky: G-Goodbye Tina, (sniff) It w-was nice knowing you. (sniff)

Tina: You too Be-E-E-C-C-Hhhy-y!!! [CHOMP]

Becky: eek! [CHOMP]
[meanwhile back at camp again]

Mr. Lenny:
Well They sure are taking their time getting the marshmallows. I know lets tell some scary campfire stories. Matt, wyncha start us off...

Matt: GL-L-L-A-A-a-a-a-ark-k-k

Mr. Lenny: That was sure scary, Matt. But I think it needs a little longer set up to work. Matt? Now were did he go?

Derrick: Ya want me to go look for ‘em?

Mr. Lenny: That’s so nice of you to volunteer, Derrick. But aren’t you forgetting some one?

Derrick: I know; bring a search buddy with me.

Mr. Lenny: Whyncha bring two! Billy and Ray-Ray, go with Derrick

Derrick: C’mon you little twerps...

Mr. Lenny: Oh my, nobody left?

[in the distance...]

Derrick: AAAAAAGHHHh!!!!

Billy: GRAAALPH!!!!

Ray-Ray: NOOOO!!! UGH!!gurgle

Mr. Lenny: Well, I guess that’s that! (FWEEEEOOOOWEET) Here boy!

The Bear: GROWF!

Mr. Lenny: Is my good boy all full? That’s my good bear! Yer shuch a good bear, yesh you are, yesh you are. Whoshe my good wittle beary weary...

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