Monday, March 3, 2008


Breaking up is never easy, but if you’re single,
it can really hurt like a sumbitch. Last year I
came apart at the seams and let me tell you...

It all started when bleh bleh bleh

First, my ears felt they needed more space
between them. Then my eyes started drifting apart
and I was seeing somebody on the side. My nose
was always roamin' and my hair was becoming
scarce. I just couldn’t get my head together.

I felt I was being led around by my genitalia
which is a part of myself I've always been very attached to
and oh, the fun we had together. But I didn’t like that
it was always getting me into a lot of trouble.
So I just had to break it off.

My left hand never knew what my right hand was
doing which really made applauding difficult at times.
My feminine side sued my masculine side for
sexual harassment. but the big split came when
my legs went their separate ways.

I’d been together for a long time but eventually
I just said; It’s best if I go my way and I’ll go mine.
Immediately, I started trying to pick up the pieces
but I was lost and had to find myself first.

And I found on the road; a head, a friend, to whom
I was partial, had my back, another lent me a hand
and these friends helped me get back on my feet
and obviously, I could never leave that behind.

In time, I got my mind and body together but still,
my heart wasn’t in it. I had no stomach for it either.
It seemed a part of me had been lost but what part?
I felt incomplete and it’s really been bothering me.
I don’t know why completion is so important to me.
I guess it’s just my thing... Hey! That’s it!

by Numbsain & Sons Co. ...
purveyors of prosthetics,
“For when the real thing has been hacked off.”

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