Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mano Knew Cleo's Sis

Disease the story of Mano and Terry who lived in a little town called
New Monia. They would meet their friends Herb and John in the
mall area after school and pet the animals at Cleo's pet store.
Mano knew Cleo's sis, who worked there, and she would let
'im pet Tygo, one of the rheas. Cleo came in crying; "Oh, I could
die! A rhea escaped from his pen!" "Was the pen secure?" asked John.
"John, dis is de best pen dey got, it's Terry's fault!" "Why're you
dissin' Terry?" said John. "He gave Burke de key, I tol' 'im if jou give it
to Burke, you'll owe sis a new pen. Burke always breaks de pens. He
let Prissy, the other rhea, escape last week. Just then Burke walked in.
"Sir, I owe sis a new pen, it's true." "What do rhea's eat?" Asked Herb
"My grain is the only thing, but I'm all out" said Cleo. "will he eat peas?"
"Herb, peas won't lure Tygo" Then, Mick came in with Tygo. "Hey you
dip, the rhea belongs to Cleo! You're dead meat pal!" said Burke. "Don't
bully Mick! He carried Tygo back. He's heavy" Said Cleo. "Since you're so
muscular, dis trophy should be for jou." Said Mano as he handed Mick
a trophy. Mano had a can of Pepsi and said: "Mick, I'd also like to make
dis Pepsi a token of my appreciation." But Mick said; "Oh no I
can't sir!" "Why not?" queried Cleo. "Ma said 'No Pepsi' and I always do
as ma says." "Oh!" said Cleo, "Enza and Anna are here!" Just then
in flew Enza and Anna. They got Mick and drove off making the whole
gang green with envy. Mick and Enza started having sex and it made
Anna wreck. "See, ya should never have sex in a moving car." Said Cleo.

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