Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dr Seuss...NOT!

Frog/Hog Blog Dialog

Frogs, Hogs.

Frogs have blogs.

Hogs have blogs.

Frogs clog hog blogs.

Hogs bog frog blogs.

Hog blogs bog down from frog log ons.

Frog blogs clog up from hog log ons.

Hogs log on to frog-bogged hog blogs.
Hogs get mad and want to flog frogs.

Frogs log on to hog-clogged frog blogs.
Frogs get mad and want to flog hogs.

Frogs on hog blogs making frog sounds
clogs blogs so hogs can’t make hog sounds.

Hogs on frog blogs making hog sounds
bogs blogs so frogs can’t make frog sounds.

Frogs need frog sounds on their blogs.
Hogs need hog sounds on their blogs.

“Why can’t hogs stay off our blogs?”
“Why can’t frogs stay off our blogs?”

“Wait” says one frog, “cats have blogs
with places where a dog can log on.”

“Every blog a cat can log on
has a place to log a dog on.”

“Each blog by a dog will have
a place on which a cat may log.”

“Great! If that’s what cats and dogs do,
that’s what hogs and frogs should do too.”

“Every blog a hog creates,
will have a place for frog debates.”

“Same with frogs, like dogs and cats,
we’ll offer someplace for hog chats.”

“Frogs can log on hog chat rooms,
to learn about the hogs concern.”

“Hogs can meet new frogs from whom
they’ll hear the thoughts of frogs and learn.”

Now that hogs and frogs alike can blog and start a dialog,
hogs and frogs blogs won’t get clogged or bogged and neither will be flogged.

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