Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Public Service Announcement!!!

Just a Reminder From Your Staff at Goldmind's Unwind!

Remember that Friday is Mother in Law Round up!

The Salivation Army wants to remind you that it's that time of year again. The holidays are rapidly approaching and that means the needs of the many must once again be sated by the wealth of the few. Just remember, ladies and gentleman, billions of people the world over have been left to toil without a mother in law of their own. This is the perfect opportunity for you to donate yours so that the voids in their lives are filled. Just think of the Christmas joy you'll provide to some poor third world family when your mother in law is delivered to them in a specially gift wrapped cage!

*Just leave mother in law at your curb, fully incapacitated, by 9 AM friday. Please also provide one box of oatmeal for sustenance. Salivation Army is not responsible for damage during shipment. Mother in law donations are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes and cannot be used as net operating loss carryforwards or carrybacks pursuant to I.R.C. Section 382(c). Mother in law transfers are, however, considered the receipt of debt for purposes of non-recognition of gain under I.R.C. Section 351(b). Gain, if any, attributable to in-law liabilties assumed is not forgiven, but its recognition is deferred through a correlative reduction in the transferor's basis in the stock received. I.R.C. Section 358(a)(1)(A)(ii) and (d)(1). Void where prohibited.