Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Fortune cookies are chosen very carefully by a psychic Chinese person in the attic of the restaurant who watches each customer and channels their thoughts. He then invokes the spirit of Buddha to choose the correct wisdom for that person. Then he writes and typesets the fortune on a little piece of paper and threads it into the cookie which is made from rice flour and spit and then the waiter brings it to you so that you can read it and add "in bed" to the end of it, making a total mockery of this time-honored tradition. This is why its so dangerous to trade fortune cookies.
Fact: That's a bunch of bullshit, they just pull them out of a bag randomly.
Myth: Confucius was a wise teacher of ancient Chinese philosophy who invented a religion called Confucianism.
Fact: They just spelled “confusion” wrong.
Myth: Fortune cookies are edible.
Fact: They're cardboard.
Myth: The lottery numbers on the back of the fortune are real winning numbers.
Fact: The numbers on the back of fortunes are actually a secret code used by the Xian Dynasty to communicate clandestine plans while operating in the western world.
Myth: There is nothing sexual about the shape of a fortune cookie.
Fact: There is something sexual about the shape of a fortune cookie.

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