Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A random encounter somehwere deep in space....

(I wrote this sci-fi tale to answer a few questions that I've always had. For instance, why is humanity the only species depicted that has it's share of rednecks? And what will a woman's nagging in the car be like during intergalactic travel? And how many times can I make a reader say the word "poop" verbally or mentally. I think all questions have been adequately answered)

A spaceship landed in the desert of the planet Martok, and such a sight created quite a stir among the scattered residents there.
"Dy'all see that?" Gar poop yelled, scaring off their pet slarg in the process.
"Don't panic! Let's just see what all this to-do is about!" Pa poop responded, waiving his tentacles in a calming gesture.
There was a murmur of excited assent from the poop children as they all contemplated just what this landing would mean. And who exactly had landed for that matter. As a group they all waddled towards the craft in the distance, whispering amongst themselves and gesturing with an extremity or four.
"Do ya think they'll try and probe us?" Fuggle poop asked. "I never want to get probed!"
"They wouldn't probe you for all the cheese coins in Martok bank, Fuggle. Ya ain't had a shower this decade!" Gar teased. Being the oldest brother, it was his place in the family to do the heckling.
"I orta slap you in the ear lobe Gar poop!" Fuggle yelled.
"Ewwww! Fuggle said ear lobe pa!" tattled the youngest, Gia poop.
"Enough pooplings! We ain't fixin to show these beings who the inferior race is now are we? Let's show em some desert class ded gummit!"
"Yes Pa," they all intoned.
As they all came upon the alien craft, they were greeted by quite a spectacle. Two pinkish colored creatures, standing on just two legs and gesturing with just two arms were apparently arguing with each other outside the hull of the smoking vessel.
"Don't that beat all, Bob Williams! You told me we had pleny of fuel to reach the megalon galaxy, and now look at this here? Where the hell is this here? Crashlanded and out of fuel on some godforsaken planet! These things wouldn't happen if you'd just listen to me for once and get gas at a quarter of a tank! For crying out loud! I should have listened to my mother and married Fred Bowling! At least that man would know how to read a gas guage!"
"Yes Martha," the much put upon pink thing named "Bob" said. He looked around and noticed the poops gathered around staring at him. He gave them a weary sigh and lifted a large red container in their direction.
"Do you all have a gas station around here?" he asked.
"Yup," Pa Poop said. He was still trying to make heads or tails of this goofy looking pink thingwith the gas can and the nagging wife.
"They seem friendly enough," Gar whispered from behind Pa.
"They look TOO friendly to me!" Fuggle said. "She's just about got her mouth in his ear....ewwwwwwww."
"Hesh now," Pa whispered. "Let's not rile her up any further." For his part, Pa felt a little sorry for poor pink Bob and was very leery of the nagging thing with brown hair and little windshields over her eyes. He stuffed his hands in his overalls and prepared to offer Bob an escort to the gas dump.
But Martha was back to ranting. "How do you even know their fuel will work on our ship, huh Bob? Do you ever think at all before you rush head long into these things?"
"I don't know if they're fuel will work Martha. But I don't see any other humans around, and these people here are clearly not human."
"And when did you first notice the difference, Bob? Hmm? You better be careful. Your PHD is showing!"
"Yes Martha," Bob said, rolling his eyes.
"Pa?" Gar whispered. "Could this REALLY be intelligent life from outer space?"
"Well, Gar," Pa responded. "Look on the bright side. At least none of us are getting probed......."

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