Monday, February 11, 2008

Me and Joe Give the Wrong Impression

It looked like the Siberian Tundra. Overnight apparently, the temperature had dropped lower than it's ever been. The minute I opened the door I could feel the icy chill and I saw my lamb, obviously unprepared, laying on the ice frozen solid. Beneath a thick sheet of smooth ice I could see the rocky road I lived on and I knew it was going to take a long time to dig my way through. So I set the knob to defrost and started chipping away at the freezer with a screwdriver. I always had that rocky road ice cream for breakfast, I practically lived on it. I swear though, tonight I'm going to prepare that lamb for dinner. Just then my roommate Joe came stumbling downstairs in a pair of boxers sweating from the sweltering 110 degree weather we'd been having for the past week.

"What the hell are you doing dude!" Joe grumbled.

"Joe..." I said with my head inside the freezer still chipping away at it
" the hell did this freezer get so iced up overnight?"

"Oh heh heh, sorry, I couldn't sleep cause it was so damned hot so I turned up the freezer and sat in front of it with the door open till I passed out"

Incredulous, I turned around and gasped;

"JOSEPHINE! what are you doing dressed like that?"

My roommate Josephine was kind of a tomboy so imagine my shock to see her with no top on.

"Oh you've never seen me like this? Well whattaya think? Not bad eh?"
she said, smiling coyly.

"I guess so, I'm just so used to you wearing that baseball cap, it's a kind of a shock."
I replied, returning to my task.

"Oh it's okay boo boo, c'mere let me rub your tummy. The-e-e-r-e does that feel good? Yes it does, you're such a good licky boy, lick mommies face. Good boy" Josephine said.

"Who are you talking to Joe?" I asked

"This dog" she replied

"I don't have a dog." I said as I turned around to see Joe petting a coyote!

"SHREEEEEEK!..." I screamed "...I suppose you left the back door open too?"

"Oops" She said sheepishly.

Fortunately the thing bolted when I screamed but I felt pretty embarrassed, screaming like a little school girl.

"Jeez Stephanie, I never heard you scream like that before"
Joe said to me and we both laughed like girlfriends so often do.

by numbsain

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