Thursday, February 14, 2008

NORMALINE the new wonder drug

Tired of those dark circles around the eyes making you look tired?

Do you get dry, cracking lips and recurring dry mouth?

Does your scalp itch and flake causing unsightly dandruff?

Are you plagued by frequent migraine headaches and sore, stiff neck?

Do you have chronic depression, fatigue, severe pain when urinating?

Is your body covered with a bright red rash that burns, itches and peels?

Do you have seizures, feel suicidal or have psychotic episodes?

Tired of waking up screaming, foaming at the mouth and bleeding from all orifices?

Wandering out in the graveyard every full moon, with 3 inch fangs and claws, covered with blood, eating dead bodies getting you down?

Do you dread it whenever you turn into a giant werewolf-like beast and go on wild killing sprees, slaughtering dozens of people in cold blood?

Aren't you a little fed up with transforming into a hideous, blood-thirsty lizard creature and terrorizing the entire city, goring and killing people and destroying everything in your path?

Have you had it up to here with becoming possessed by the devil himself and having your body temperature rise to millions of degrees causing you to spontaneously explode with the force of a 7000 megaton atom bomb, vaporizing the entire planet?

If so, maybe it’s time you tried NORMALINE®

Just two NORMALINE® if used as directed can help calm your urges, curb your appetite and help you sleep more peacefully making you a better person. NORMALINE® has been scientifically proven safe and effective against these unpleasant symptoms and test subjects showed no side effects.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about NORMALINE® today and get your life back to normal before it’s too late and you destroy the entire known universe.

by numbsain pharmaceuticals... better living through not dying!

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