Sunday, January 20, 2008

an afternoon with...

Rufus: Hey Ralf.

Ralf: Hey Rufus.

Rufus: Where's Barclay?

Ralf: Around.

Rufus: Around where?

Ralf: Around the corner.

Rufus: Bowser?

Ralf: Been here.

Rufus: Yeah?

Ralf: Smell this.

Rufus: Wow!

Ralf: Bowser!

Rufus: Yep.

Ralf: Bitches?

Rufus: Three.

Ralf: Which way?

Rufus: Both.

Ralf: Closest?

Rufus: Left.

Ralf: That's me!

Rufus: Pack?

Ralf: Sure.

Rufus: Now where ya goin'?

Ralf: Detour.

Rufus: Somethin' good?

Ralf: Smell this.

Rufus: Nice!

Ralf: Run?

Rufus: I'm down.

Ralf: Should be ri-i-i-ght... here!

Rufus: Good call, Ralf!

Ralf: Watch out for chicken bones.

Rufus: Why?

Ralf: Try poopin' 'em.

Rufus: Ouch! Gotcha.

Ralf: I'm done. You done?

Rufus: I'm done... back to the bitches?

Ralf: Yep. Should be ri-i-i-ght... here!

Rufus: Bingo!

Ralf: Hey baby, how you doin'?

Jasmine: Better now.

Ralf: Hey, you smell ready!

Jasmine: You smelled right.

Ralf: Yeah I usually do.

Jasmine: Your friend's a little shy?

Rufus: Ralf's top dog. I'll wait.

Jasmine: There's plenty of me to go aro—OOOH! You don't waste time, I like that.

Ralf: I know.

Jasmine: You guys strays?

Rufus: Yeah.

Jasmine: That's hot!

Ralf: Okay, I'm done.

Jasmine: Your turn Ruf— OH SHIT! It's my human!

Human: Jasmine! Blah blah blah? Blah blah.

Jasmine: BARK! BARK BARK! Sorry Rufus. Next time, okay?

Rufus: Yeah, I'm cool. Later.

Ralf: Yeah later babe. Thanks!

Jasmine: Anytime!

Ralf: Sorry you didn't get to hit that...

Rufus: No, no problem... Hey, I'm gonna poop right here, I'll catch up.

Ralf: I'll wait... I could pee on this anyway.

Rufus: ...Okay, I'm done.

Ralf: Hey, nice one Ruf'.

Rufus: Thanks Ralf.

by numbsain