Monday, January 28, 2008


Donald Trump

numbsain: Mr. Trump, first of all, congratulations on having so much money. How does it affect your happiness?

Donald Trump: What's that?

numbsain: Oh, nothing important. Let me ask you this, how did you like Goldmind's Unwind?

Donald Trump: How much revenue did it earn in the past fiscal year?

numbsain: None. We do it as a creative outlet for fun.

Donald Trump: Wait a minute. It doesn't earn any money?

numbsain: None.

Donald Trump: Ahah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! AHAH-HAH-HAH-HAH That's hilarious!
HO-HO-HO-HA-HAHAHA That's so absurd! HA-HA-HA That's the funniest thing I've ever heard of in my entire life! HAHAHAH HOHOHOHA HAHA aha haha... HAH HAH HAH...

numbsain: He thinks it's funny! Donald Trump thinks Goldmind's Unwind is hilarious! He can't stop laughing! That's great!


Sylvester Stallone

numbsain: It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Stallone. I'm a big fan of all your movies, especially the Terminator series...

Sly: That was the Governor.

I haven't seen the Governor, is that a new one coming out?

Sly: No. The Governor of California was the Terminator, I was Rocky.

numbsain: Oh, I haven't seen that one. So what do you think of Goldmind's Unwind?

Sly: Oh, It was nice... Yeah I thought it was fine.

Did you even read it? Did you think it was funny?

Sly: Oh yeah I read the whole thing.

Really? All the archives and everything? there's a lot of stuff on there. Which part did you like the best?

Sly: Oh I liked the picture of Captain Kirk lookin' like a fag, and the guy eating the baby, that was funny.

numbsain: Um, what writing did you most enjoy?

Sly: Oh uh, all of it. It's really good writing.

numbsain: I see. Um, Sly would you read this for me please... out loud.

Sly: Oh, uh listen, I don't have time for this, I'm a very important person. I gotta go.

numbsain: Aha... That's the storage closet, Sly. The exit's the next door over, the one that says "EXIT".


O.J. Simpson

numbsain: So tell me Mr. Simpson, which was more difficult for you emotionally, the long drawn out trial in which you had to endure being accused of killing your own wife while you were still grieving over this terrible loss, or the actual killing of her?

O.J. Well, I'd have to say the trial because it took so long and it was really boring. The killing itself was easy because all I had to... oops!


Britney Spears

It's nice to...

Britney: Can I get a drink?

numbsain: Certainly, there you go.

Britney: Glug glug glug AAAAK! Ptoo! Ptoooy! What the hell is that?!

numbsain: Water.

Oh my GOD! That's disgusting! Don't fish, like, fuck in water?

numbsain: No this is special water made just for drinking.

Britney: Do you mind if I smoke a joint?

numbsain: Be my guest. So on your last video,...

Britney: How did you know about that? That was a stunt double they used for the sex scenes, I don't do that kind of...

numbsain: Hey Britney, it's okay. You can relax... WHOA! Not that much! Close your legs please. Could we get some Glade in here? Ah, thank you... (PSHSHSHSHSHT) Whew! That's better. Britney! No! Britney, Put down the can! No, I don't have a paper bag. Just smoke your joint and sit still. Now, were you upset when they took the boys away?

Britney: It was fine because we just shot the lesbian scenes then and they were kinda fun...

numbsain: I meant your children.

Britney: What are you talking about? They weren't even around for the shoot. Can I do a line right here on this coffee table?

numbsain: Whatever bloats your floats my dear.

Britney: Can you move your cup and those magazines?

numbsain: Okay, but why... JEEZUS that's a lot of cocaine! You- you're not gonna... HOLY MOTHER OF BLOW! ...Uh, Britney? ...BRITNEY?!


numbsain: My name is...

You have a name!? DO ME RIGHT NOW!

numbsain: (gulp!) SECURITY!!!

\¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/ \¡/

John Cleese

numbsain: Thank you so much for being here Mr. Cleese. I have to say I'm a little skittish about talking to you because I'm desperately afraid you might steal my material.

John Cleese: Skittish? What a strange word to use right there in that sentence, hmm. Anyway, yes, I would think you would be a bit concerned that I might steal your material.

numbsain: Why do you say that?

John Cleese: Why did YOU say it?

numbsain: Because I thought it would be funny if I was worried that John Cleese would steal my meager plebeian material.

John Cleese: Plebeian? What an unusual word choice, hmm. Anyway, so you thought that would be funny, eh squire?

numbsain: (gulp) Well, I, er, uh, no, not really, I just thought...

John Cleese: Aha! you see that's the trouble right there; you thought.

numbsain: I didn't mean to, I just thought...

John Cleese: Aha! there you did it again!

numbsain: But I thought...

John Cleese: There! you just did it again you silly git. That's the problem with you American humorists, you think too much and thinking is not funny.

numbsain: I understand... I think.

John Cleese: No, no, no, you ridiculous twit, don't think.

numbsain: Not at all?

John Cleese:
Not one bit.

numbsain: okay...

John Cleese: That's better.

numbsain: ...

John Cleese: Hello?

numbsain: ...

John Cleese: HELLO?

numbsain: ...

John Cleese: WAKE UP!

numbsain: ...

John Cleese: What is he thinking, nodding off in the middle of an interview. How thoughtless. Does he think he can get away with that? And to think I came all the way down here, I think I'll leave.

numbsain: ...


Richard Gere

numbsain: Thanks for coming down Mr. Gere. Now you first became well known for...

Richard Gere:
Yes, I know but that was a different time and a different place and I was searching to find myself and I tried the gerbil thing...

numbsain: I was going to say, you first became well known for your role in ‘Pretty Woman’ with Julia Roberts.

Richard Gere: Oh. That was way before the gerbil thing. Did people know me then?

numbsain: Well yes, you became a national sex symbol and...

Richard Gere: Then I did the gerbil thing...

numbsain: But let's talk a little bit about your acting career. Had you had many roles before that role?

Richard Gere: No, you're not supposed to eat too much before hand and I recommend an enema...

numbsain: No no no, I meant acting roles, Richard.

Richard Gere: Well, I was acting like it didn't hurt when I got to the hospital...


Richard Gere: Well I did, I don't think the gerbil got off on it. In fact he died.

numbsain: Oh my God! Just get the hell out of here!

Richard Gere: Don't you want to hear about the Guinea Pig?

numbsain: NO!

The interviews depicted here are fictitious, although they are attributed to actual people. The names have been left the same so as to defame the innocent.