Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Tribute to our Wayward Leader

At left: Goldmind, founder of this site and daily inspiration, set out on an innocent trip to Disneyland about a month ago and has not been heard from since. It is feared by this writer that Goldmind's patented daisy duke ensemble may have led to his downfall in some "Blue Oyster Cult" bar on the left coast. Please come back to us Gold! There is no lead in our pencils
without you!

You're the Inspiration

(cue the music)

Goldmind....I wanted you tell you how I feel about you. I wanted you to know that my ideas are impotent without you.

So much of me is impotent without you.

And due to recent writer's block, I can only tell you how I feel in a song.

This is a ditty from "Chicago".

Goldmind....you're my Inspiration.

"You know this site was meant to be
A timeless blog to last forever
I need you here to edit me
Before I post pics of my member

You should know, the places my mind goes
while my hands are in my pants, on my knob
Where's my corn cob, baby

Got no meaning in my life
Got writer's constipation
Made references to my skin fife
and teenage fornication
Gold you gotta help me!
Before I do something crazy!
Like post compromising pics of me and a ewe!

And I know, yes I know that this a sad plea
Show's how deep my mind is in the gutter.
Now I know that I need help to keep clean
and not type words like "round ass covered in butter"

See there I go, dirty as a crack ho
twisted in the mind, blackened heart
muddied soul

The only meaning in my life
is drugs and masturbation
So without you here in my life
It's verbal menstruation
I gotta have you near me
Before I write about my pee pee
Come on save me Goldmind
Come on save me Goldmind

Yeah come on back to Numb and me
And we won't explore you anally
No one needs you more than we.....need......you"

(music still cued but fading)

Goldmind.....I hope you felt the passion in that song.

I hope you felt the need burning within me.

I hope you saw where my eroding thoughts are heading

Come back to us Gold.....

We love you....