Monday, January 7, 2008

Campaign '08, Song 1

"Sayin' A lie"

(sung to the tune of "Staying Alive"

with apologies to Barry Gibb)

Well you can tell by the way I'm losin' ground

The country's sick of me, don't want me around

They used to think I was elite

But Barack's using my face to wipe his feet

But it's alright, that's OK

I ain't gonna fade away

I'll just lie and cheat and scam

Until I've remade all that I am

We taught the whole nation

dishonest disertation

just by sayin' a lie, sayin' a lie

Hubby mastered all this

sayin' he don't know what "is" is

he was sayin' a lie, sayin' a lie

Ah ha ha ha

Sayin' a lie, Sayin' a lie

Ah ha ha ha

Sayin a lie.

(verse 2)

My chances are low but my hopes are high

I've ignored advice that I shouldn't try

Got residual effects from war imprisonment

and my sanity's long since absent

but that's alright, that's ok

I'll run for president anyway

Maybe while staring at Hillary

Voters will forget what's wrong with me

Will I be a power glutton

If I hold the red button

Gonna flay em' alive, flay em' alive

Mental faculties are all gone

Gonna get revenge on Saigon

Yes we'll flay em' alive. Flay em' alive.

Ah ha ha ha

flay em' alive, flay em' alive

Ah ha ha ha

Flay em' alive.

(and the voter's sing)

We're going nowhere.....somebody help us yeah