Thursday, January 31, 2008


New findings in the field of smegmology indicate that the Earths scrotusphere may be far more brisciduous than previously thought. A recent study of the entire plasteospasm has shed new light on the inner workings of the Aroma Flatulatus and its importance in the blaphic sprog as a whole.

Crimpignologists are now able to track the rate of brubilia flow into the bleepy scrotchiosum by carefully grimacing frillicamps along the torpidactyl belch, thus yielding a more jelupulous look into the willikilts of the three major scrotuspheres, including ours. These buxominuous findings may give us a better insight into why our jujubes are getting smaller each year. It is possible that by the next coming waynscottle-binch a major boamage in the bizinickers could occur.

Professor Belliboton Lintz had this to say:
"We're all a-twitter with excitement about these new developments and, it may be psychosomatic, but I already feel my jujubes getting bigger!"
Of course, Professor Lintz is a blithering spittle mucker but nonetheless the entire scientific community is flaring their nostrils in anticipation of these new schnoolies.