Saturday, January 26, 2008

Modern Day Beat Poets

by Tlan Spandex

Manta Ray Jack Kerouac-King spider willow

Weeping wallow sleeping swallow shallow hollow

Full of Bull of aard-VARK in the dark... HARK!

...what light from yonder water breaks...

Labor of love, lover of labia, maybe a baby a BOY!

Coffee breaks my heart aches and pains taking

Earth quaking RIKI LAKE-ING not to my liking

Rodney KING can't we all just get a LIFE

Liberty and the pursuit of helplessness

MARTIN Lawrence of Arabian Knights in Shining Steven KING
LUTHER saying sooth or John Wilkes Booth was so uncouth or
KING me, King and I, King Kong, Hong Kong, Thong Song
I'm alive, I'm ALIVE, CAN'T YOU TELL?

William Tell... me it's over... SURE!

by Tlan Spandex


by Black Finger Goldberg

Buck the Fush ad-menstruation,

Bush bags Douche bombs bursting in the middle east infection

Is it al-Qaeda come out and play god over Gaza

presidential monkey money hungry WAR junkie

Condo Leasers Rice-a-roni-ous decisions

Cheney Cheney Bang Bang Nazi poiticians

Hey mister Taleban Tally me Bin Laden

My Baghdad's Beirut beer let 'em be in Lebanon

Chocolate karma nuke it with a chewy world trade center

Barack 'em sock 'em robots Hillary Rodham Bill are we not him?

Obama, Osama, Saddam-a, YO MOMMA!

Get 'em Iraqi—yo Arabian wudawegonna do

Hussein we Kuwait dese last days decide our fate.

—Black Finger Goldberg


Where's My Womb at?
by Cala lily Pierce

WOMAN of days... fire bird

hips a blaze... desire heard

lips to graze... on pasture eyes

homo gene eyes

vital man D... MILK!

of magic there IS no finer

I express my best no less divina

You are obsessed with my VAGINA!

My womb, my ovarian, fallopian TUBES

You will not tie, or his direct demise

never to fertilize my EGG!

So don't beg

The answer is no!

by Cala lily Pierce


Performed live at the Numbsain Asylum


Rev. Bluewater Haven.......Flute
Simian Childrens...............percussion
Frank Saultzman...............prepared piano


Regina Regyna
Castaway Fansong
Belinda Schmurken
Sciriocco Carmensuela

Lighting design by............Wa-doo